Processing of visa applications for foreign nationals. It may be noted that no manual visa is issued any more. Applicants are required to apply his/her visa online through this link: www.https//visa.nadra.gov.pk/

Visa Procedure 

The Consulate General of Pakistan, Barcelona, has stopped issuing Manual Visas with effect from 31 January, 2021. Thereafter, starting  from 01 February 2021 for all categories of visa applicants, only Online Visa Applications would be entertained through the Government of Pakistan’s Online Visa Portal, at the following URL; https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/

Online appointment:

Diplomatic / Official (Gratis) Visas

Diplomats and Officials can either apply for Gratis Visa through the Consulate or avail e-Visa facility upon payment of processing fee.
To apply for a Gratis Visa, diplomat/official needs to visit the website https://visa.nadra.gov.pk and after selecting the visa category “Official/Diplomat Visas”, applicant may download the required visa form (in Word Format) and submit the same along with required documents both in soft copies through email prepbarcelona@mofa.gov.pk as well as hard copies at the Consulate.

Parents’ Consent Form for children (Under 16) applying visa

For Minor children visa applications, the “Parents’ Consent Form” must be signed and uploaded by the parents’ / guardians (as applicable) under the Supporting Document Type “Other”.

Parents’ Consent Form for Children Visa Applications

Visa Application Form for Indian National