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Khyber Pass: The structure marks the entrance to Khyber Pass, a mountain pass in the tribal areas of Pakistan, linking Peshawar to Afghanistan. It was an important part of the ancient silk route between Central Asia and South Asia besides being a strategic military location.

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Parliament Building: Situated on the Constitution Avenue in Islamabad, it houses the chambers of Senate (upper house) and the National Assembly (lower house) of the Pakistan’s Parliament (Majlis-e-Shura) and the allied offices.

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Lahore Fort: Located in the North-West of the “Walled City” of Lahore, it is a UNESCO world heritage site. Its origin is attributed to Loh the son of Hindu god Ram. The present construction was made in the 16th and 17th centuries during the reigns of Mughal emperors, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb Alamgir

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Quaid's Mausoleum: Known as Mazar-e-Quaid, Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam) the father of the nation is buried in the tomb. Situated in Karachi, the building was completed in 1970 and is surrounded by a public park spread over 61 acres. It is visited by more than 10,000 persons every day.

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Cotton Fields: Cotton is the lifeline of Pakistan’s textile industry. Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of cotton in the world. Cotton is grown mainly in the Punjab, Sindh provinces.

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Engineering Sector: Pakistan has a number of manufacturing units ranging from light engineering (cookware, domestic appliances etc.) to heavy industry (car manufacturing, defence equipment to aircraft manufacturing).

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Pakistani Kinnow: It is a variety of citrus fruit with high juice content and a unique flavour. The skin is golden-orange and easy to peel. The fruit is in high demand and a major export item.

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Gwadar Port: The deep water port allows mother vessels to anchor and is situated in the city of Gwadar, Balochistan. It will be the hub of commerce with the Middle East and the rest of the world. It will also become an important resort on account of beautiful beaches, turquoise water and location on the mouth of Persian Gulf

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Basmati Rice: Grown along the foothills of the Himalayas, Basmati rice is known for its long, white, silky and fragrant grains. A major export from Pakistan, Basmati rice graces the cuisines of the entire world.

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