Promotion of Legal Immigration

Welfare Wing is trying to enter into a dialogue with the Spanish authorities for establishing modalities for imports of labour from Pakistan. Government of Spain requires workforce for its agricultural sector, which is recruited from other countries for seasonal contracts of upto 09 months. This labour arrives from origin countries under agreed upon conditions, ensuring pre-arranged jobs, accommodation, social services and travel arrangement. Government of Spain intends to regulate the inflow or immigrants to make it legal and beneficial for all. Welfare Wing aims to initiate early dialogues with Spanish authorities so that the Pakistanis can benefit from this opportunity.

OPF Membership of Pakistanis living in Spain

Currently, the membership of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation is negligible in the Pakistani expatriate community in Spain. This is due to the fact most of the Pakistanis have arrived in Spain without work visa.

OPF membership offers many benefits to expatriate community, like options for membership in housing schemes, facilitation education needs of the children of Overseas Pakistanis through its own schools as well as by reserving seats for Overseas Pakistanis in higher education institutions, provision of health services, pension schemes, loans for the facilities of overseas Pakistanis who die during there stay aboard.

Welfare Wing has taken up the matter with OPF for removing certain impediments which are hampering the membership of OPF for Pakistanis in Spain. Once the same has been achieved, a campaign for OPF membership will be launched.

Facilitation of Transportation of Dead Bodies from Spain

Welfare Wing is available 24 hours for facilitating documentation necessary for shipment of dead bodies from Spain to Pakistan. With the launch of PIA flights between Pakistan and Spain, the facility of free transportation has also become available. In destitute case, Consulate General can also provide financial assistance in paying the dues to funeral services

Visits to Pakistani Prisoners in Jail

There are Pakistani prisoners facing terrorism charges in Spanish jails. Welfare Wing keeps contacts with the prisoners in order to ensure their well being. Welfare Wing also keeps contacts with their families in Spain and Pakistan.

Complaint Redressal

Complaints received from overseas Pakistanis are routinely forwarded to the concerned authorities in Pakistan for appropriate redressal.

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