Do’s & Don’ts

Most important Do’s & Don’ts while visiting Barcelona

• Don’t expect everyone to understand English
• Don’t jump the queue! Catalans take queues very seriously. Always ask who is the last one.
• Don’t pay for an expensive hotel breakfast at your hotel, instead head to the nearest cafe for about €5.
• Never leave your belongings out of sight! We were told that, especially in crowded places, there is always someone watching you and waiting for you to be inattentive with your belongings.
• Be careful when travelling the metro! Take your backpack in front and make sure no one is taking anything out of your front or back pockets. If you see someone jumping out of the train last minute, you know that someone got robbed.
• Don’t carry valuable things with you! For example, leave your passport in your accommodation; carrying a copy should be fine.
• Do not walk around at night alone.

• Try to learn a few words in Spanish and Catalan.

• Do make sure your hotel has a safe in the room or at the reception desk.
To leave your passport, extra cash and credit cards, and anything else of value that you will not need on you in the safe.
• Buy entrance tickets for sights in advance, especially for Parc Güell and Sagrada Família. You save a lot of time queuing.
• Take advantage of the free entrance to all museums on the first Sunday of each month. Many of them are also free each Sunday from 3pm onwards.
• Get a T10 ticket for the metro and bus! The T10 ticket includes 10 journeys with metro or bus for about 10€. You only get the T10 tickets at the metro stations but not in the bus.

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